What is Angkringan? Learn More About Traditional Cart

Today, Angkringan business cars are so interested in the community of Jakarta. This case is very promising because Kentungan has won a lot with the purchase and sale of Angkringan. How not now Angkringan is a promising food company.

This time we will take a look at angkringan business opportunities especially in Jakarta. Although counted as a company with little capital, but a very profitable angkringan position. It is the goal of culinary entrepreneurs to open a position of angkringan. Well, because it is appropriate if the company is also more and more promising angkringan tools, including angkringan cars.

Jakarta, as we know, is a city with a very high economic level. The culinary business is one of the favorite businesses that many people are looking for. Especially if the price of the food sold is quite cheap, then it will be the goal of many people. Many people from other parts of Java have moved to Jakarta to open businesses such as soto, pecellele, meatballs or foodpark.

Angkringan as a typical food Jogja-Central Java is a target for businessmen as an alternative. This activity is considered potential because, in addition to rarely, it is not too complicated operationally. The capital required is not too big either. In addition, the economic image of angkringan also helps marketing in the eyes of consumers.

The people of Jakarta are very excited about Angkringan’s activities. Find out the tips, procedures and capital required to build this Angkring business.

Jakarta needs a touch of innovation in the business world. Especially in terms of space. Because? If possible, avoid companies that are realized because, besides the expensive rent, it is also because looking for a large space will be very difficult. This is where the excess angkringan that occupies only 2 × 2 meters of space can rise. And angkringan is with the cart, which means he can move.

At the moment, selling Angkringan cars from Jakarta is very prospective because it is very necessary. This is only due to the fact that in Jakarta the price of angkringan cars can be considered expensive because Jakarta is far from the production of materials. It must be admitted that the angkringan cars in Jakarta were taken from other regions such as Jogja.

We are committed to selling Angkringan cars from Jakarta, even with several challenges. This business is not easy. Many obstacles encountered. One is the delivery process. Many argue if the cost of delivering the car is very expensive. The shipping costs of cars usually cost around 800 lakhs. But for us it is very accessible.

How to continue selling Angkringan cars from Jakarta to meet the needs of the Angkringan Company is to work in collaboration with the freight services we believe. We can press the cost of 200 lakhs. This means that our postage in Jakarta only 600 lakhs. With heavy loads and the size of angkringan it is big enough so that the cost can already guarantee the goods delivered to the destination.

We sell several Angkringan cars. There is angkringan teakwood, acacia wood, angkringan mahogany. Everything is different in price we dare to say that we sell Angkringan cars from Jakarta with cheap prices but with good quality products.

It may be cheaper but not as good as the quality and service we provide. We take a different approach than others. We become a business partner for our buyer clients as it offers business consulting services to Angkringan. Consumers can discuss the types of business plans that should be developed to develop the angkringan business.

Our experience in selling Angkringan cars in Jakarta is not in vain. Alhamdulillah, they always give us ease. Delivery always without problems. Jakarta and its surroundings become a loyal consumer of Angkringan vans.

All types of obstacles to the sale of cars Jakarta angkringan has always been an important note for us to continue in the future. As a result, we are always learning to be better. God willing, we can continue to serve the first customers.


Gibran Sabre

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