Tips On How To Minimize Wedding Budget

Whether you are in a hurry, you have a tight budget or just want to get married without making a big marriage, it is still possible to have a real marriage. Instead of spending large amounts of money and time, use your own creativity and creativity, as well as members of friends and family.

1. Prepare legal issues as soon as you decide to get married. Go to court and get a marriage certificate. (Thinking that some countries will have to wait a month or more after successful licenses to conduct ceremonies.)

2. Spread the news. Invite people via email, telephone, or (if you believe who you delegate this function) by word of mouth. If you have more than two weeks, use a computer to design and print your own invitations, but remember that it takes time to arrive by mail.

3. Find out who will lead your wedding, but don’t look at the phone book first. If you don’t have someone in mind, ask your friends if they know anyone. Almost everyone can lead a wedding, and there is a good chance that talking to people you can get in touch with someone who has been inaugurated or willing to do it. Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable.

4. You can write your own ceremony. This step is not about hurrying or budgeting, but it is something even more important, and that is that you feel comfortable in the ceremony and that means.

5. Get a ring, if you choose to have it. Jewelry will try to sell the most expensive, luxurious, but the meaning is far more important than the economic value of the ring.

6. Choose something that is rather ordinary. Let everyone know that your wedding is a barbecue, picnic, on the beach, or at a Hawaiian party environment. It’s much easier and cheaper to arrange something like something more formal or elegant, and nobody cares if the others don’t “combine”. You can hold a wedding “picnic” or arrange a party called “costume” (I will eat and drink). Local guests can bring something to eat, the more the better. Ask someone to voluntarily bring a list where guests write down what they will take so you don’t have too much or too little of something else. Of course at your parents ‘and grandparents’ wedding, reception is basically a cake and a punch. If you invest a large part of your budget in a cake, this can be a very good choice.

7. Tell everyone to wear jeans and sneakers, sandals and shorts, and with their favorite Hawaiian shirts. People are much more comfortable with casual clothes, in any way, this will make it easier for everyone. Wear clothes that you already have, or buy something very simple that you can use again.

8. Perform cleaning after a minimum party. See if the nearest party shop has cheap plastic tablecloths that are the color you choose for your wedding. Cut long and don’t forget to paste it under the table, especially if you are outside. If you want to decorate more, don’t use crepe or balloon paper, this is more used at birthday parties. Use tulle rolls or organza almost as cheap and give a touch of real wedding.

9. Write with “stage director”, if possible. A high school student or student is ideal, especially if he is someone who has had experience in a band, drama, restaurant, or something similar. This person will help you monitor time, direct and assist you with preparation, with last minute adjustments, by uniting people for group photos, and so on. Offer to pay this person, especially if he is a “student without income,” give him a gift with a nice dinner, or return the favor.

10. Don’t use flowers, or buy only a few from the supermarket (see the color, not the price). A simple open rose or camellia that floats on a bowl of water can be very elegant, or for centerpieces, use simple candles.

11. Don’t hire a photographer, unless you know an amateur who is skilled and willing to do it for a small fee or even free. Let your guests know they can take your camera, and that you want them to share with you the photos they take. Maybe there will be dozens of cameras among the guests, and some of them will get good photos. Currently it’s easier than ever to share photos. Take time to group your various groups of guests to take pictures

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