Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer is often a popular and profitable season for holding weddings in the summer, and for many reasons. The schedule of most people is a little more open during the summer months, which facilitates guests’ trips. Summer is also the perfect time to get married because the weather is generally warm and comfortable.

How to arrange a wedding in the summer

Place to marry in the summer
From May to August they tend to be a very popular month to get married because the weather is great for overseas weddings. The summer is very beautiful for outdoor weddings in places like beaches, parks, or even in a beautiful backyard.
If you plan to hold a summer wedding outdoors, you will want to ensure that you have adequate coverage in the event of bad weather, and that you can also offer your guests a variety of ways to beat the heat. The sun will stay up late at night hot, allows you to hold a night wedding, or even swear under a glorious sunset.

How to decorate your summer wedding
Take advantage of seasonal products with fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate your wedding. You have the possibility to include clementine or lemon in your flower arrangement, or in a large vase. Enjoy your summer wedding until late at night by entering candles, tiki torches, flashing lights or lantern straps to illuminate your reception for beautiful light.

What will be worn for a summer wedding

If you’ve started looking for dresses, you might notice that most dresses are sleeveless and / or strapless, which makes buying dresses for summer weddings much easier.

Beach wedding
Look for a light, breathable dress. Consider slip dresses that are easy and elegant, because they are versatile and comfortable. All guests can go barefoot, and men can wear shirts with linen pants or clothes.

Outdoor wedding

Look for a wedding dress that is easy to wear on the yard. Avoid dresses with long tails because they can be very dirty or make you trip. Bridesmaids can wear floral dresses with nice beach hats. Men at wedding parties can choose a classic navy jacket with khaki pants or matching clothes.

A more formal marriage
There is no reason not to choose traditional costumes or tuxedos (depending on whether it is a night or day wedding) but you can still nod the season by replacing the black tuxedo suit with a slim white jacket. The bride can choose a classic and timeless wedding dress, like a strapless mermaid dress.

Food for your summer wedding
When you start organizing a summer wedding and you think about what foods to choose, ask your catering provider what dishes they can do that combine local fruits and vegetables in the season.
celebrate the fruits of the season by filling your menu with fresh products like watermelon and berries, and fresh vegetables like corn.
If you really want to go for a summer theme, consider incorporating seasonal staples such as barbecue for dinner and ice cream for dessert. Elegant summer wedding menus can include a variety of fresh seafood, such as lobsters and oysters.

Maybe you can serve a dessert consisting of fruit-flavored sorbet to refresh your guests or choose traditional ice cream if you don’t like fruit flavor. Make sure you take into account the weather when deciding the menu, because warmer temperatures can affect food. You can also remember these wedding cake tips for summer weddings.

Gifts for summer weddings
Send your guests home with a taste of the season: in August, fresh pears, or early summer, ripe peaches.
For a beach wedding or with a sea theme, you can consider giving sunglasses, dollar sand, sea shells, or beach themed candles.
Summer weddings are also perfect for flower seeds or small potted plants as gifts.
If it gets hot or there will be plenty of sun, give a beautiful wooden fan or paper umbrella to use during the ceremony and then take it home.

Flowers for summer weddings
You can’t go wrong with the abundance of flowers in summer weddings. There are so many types of flowers available during the summer, when you start arranging your wedding in the summer you have to say what kind of flowers that.
We hope these ideas about how to organize a wedding in the summer have helped you with inspiration for your big day! Happy planning!


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