The Amazon River Dwellers Are Almost Extinct

The amazon river dwellers are almost extinct

The amazon river dwellers are almost extinct. Recently a number of people who swam in rivers in Guangzi Zhuang region reported, they saw sharp-toothed fish there. Even a piranha fish was captured while attacking residents in the bloody hands. While other fish are busy biting the swimmer’s finger the other.

Zhang Kai Bo (31) was bathing his dog in the river when he saw a number of piranhas attacking fish. A fish bites his hand, and Zhang throws the fish to the river bank. Although already thrown the fish was still alive and keep trying to attack.

Zhang then took the fish to an expert, who confirmed it was a piranha. This is the first finding of the existence of piranha in China. Imports of these fish are illegal in this country. So the question arises, how the Amazon River fish can find its habitat in China.

“The possibility of these fish released someone who bought it on the black market. Please people need not worry, because this fish does not kill, bite can not kill you, “said Zhou Quan from local government.

Experts predict people’s fear of the existence of carnivorous fish is triggered from the movie Piranha 3D which has now continued with the film Piranha 3DD. There is shown how ferociously the group of fish is terrorizing a tourist fund.

The city of Liuzhou is now offering fish hunters, a reward of 1,000 yuan or about Rp 1,450,000 for a captured piranha. Anyone interested?

Amazon’s arapaima fish are threatened with extinction

The Arapaima population is believed to have disappeared in eight of the 41 communities studied and the numbers in the Amazon are very low.

Fishermen are trained to calculate the fish from their catch as part of a large-scale survey.

The scientists concluded that the effects of fishing on tropical fish were worse than previously thought.

The study results are reported in Aquatic Conservation: Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems.

Popular fish
Arapaima can reach a weight of over 181 kg and is one of the few largest freshwater fishes in the world.

They breathe with oxygen and come to the surface every five to 15 minutes, making them easy to catch.

Their size makes this fish become the main prey of the fishermen.

A century ago, this giant fish dominated the catch of fishermen in the Amazon but scientists say excessive fishing has reduced the number of Arapaima drastically.

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