Thailand coach is not afraid to face Qatar at Asian Games 2018

Thailand coach is not afraid to face Qatar at 2018 Asian Games

Thailand U23 national team coach Worrawoot Srimaka confirmed there was nothing to fear from Qatar U23 national team. Both teams will hold the opening match of the 2018 Asian Games football group B Group at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor, Tuesday (08/14/2018).

Listening to the strength of the two teams, on Qatar paper is more favored. But for Worrawoot the estimate doesn’t apply. Because the real match is on the field.

“Is Qatar frightening? For me no. I told the players, even though Qatar is a rich country, they are just like Thailand have never reached the World Cup finals. So they are not much different from us,” Worrawoot said.

“Qatar is not Iran or Saudi Arabia that has appeared in the World Cup several times. So we are not afraid of them. It depends on who is sharper in the field. We have to fight ourselves,” he continued.

Worrawoot that managed to bring Thailand into the 2017 SEA Games said its foster children were ready to fight this important match. Thailand does have to make perfect results or at least not lose numbers if it wants to open the opportunity to qualify for the next phase.

If in this match is successful, in the second match the Elephant War Team will face a light opponent, Bangladesh. They will feel heavy resistance when they meet Uzbekistan in the last match on August 19.

“I already have the main players in the game against Qatar in my mind. I want the players to just focus and concentrate on their own games,” Worrawoot explained. [AK]

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