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Beautiful of Indonesia Wood Cart

Wood Wagon

Wood carts Solo Cart: First of all, we would like to thank Mr. Ade Yayat Pegadaian as much as possible who trusted in the reserve of Wood carts wagon for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for us. I hope that this cooperation can continue in the future with the products we have.


This document is intended to be an important note for us as a memorable experience, a reflection of the work. Of course, our cooperation is a valuable experience for us. We learned a lot from this association, like organizing large orders. Our products are generally ordered products in the form of units. For large party reservations, you need a lot of equipment, energy and capital. But our experience selling wood carts as a special pawn shop order has become an important experience.

At the same time, in this case, this document is our promotional medium for you and millions of other Indonesian citizens, as we are manufacturers that sell only trolleybuses and all other regions of Indonesia. We accept per-unit orders or wholesale according to the needs of consumers.

At first, we only sell carts wood carts per-unit. But we are contacted by the pawn shop to work on 116 Wood carts cars. We, who at that time had never known the big project, we were shocked and we did not believe immediately. We read the profile of your company if there is a Pawnshop company mentioned on your side.

After reading his profile it was fine. We trust the profile that shows that pawnshops need wood carts for the 116th birthday, but knowing the profile is not enough. They want to meet with us directly in the production house, knowing the details of our production and our capabilities. We also want to see how serious they are about the payment system they propose so as not to incriminate us.

After a fairly long discussion process, we finally agreed to do 116 wood carts cars for 30 days…!! In fact, it is an impossible moment. The duration is very short and everything is done by hand instead of machine.

Once again, we take the courage to approve this project for the experience. The main problem is the artisans. Well, we continue to contact artisans to create this project. Gratitude many of them are ready to work together on this project.