Major Depression Test

The Symptoms Of Major Depression.

Almost everyone has a period in their lives where she experienced a feeling of sad, hollow or unhappy. At this moment people prefer to stay home in bed and canceled all appointments on that day. On days like that, it’s hard to enjoy the little things and stay focused on a task for a while. These symptoms can be symptoms of depression. Period ‘ Depressive ‘ like this, varies per person in intensity (some people feel generally suffer while others suffer from symptoms of severe depression) and duration (a few weeks to a few years).
Major Depression Test
A person may experience some symptoms of depression listed below with a light about one or two years, while others may experience some symptoms with severe only in a few months. Furthermore, for some people, it’s hard to understand why they feel so empty, sad or unhappy. For many of us who answer this question-the question is already too much in need of energy. Depression symptoms easily overlap with some of the diseases, disorders or other problems. Therefore, professional therapists, psychiatrists and physicians carefully diagnose depression with the use of this depression symptoms before they conclude and offers treatments ‘ random ‘

Symptoms Of Depression
During the period of the depression symptoms occur most of the day and almost every day and could include:

Feelings of emptiness or sadness, unhappiness.
The explosion of anger, frustration or irritability, even over small things.
Loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, such as breakfast or shop.
Trouble sleeping, sleeping too much or too little (insomnia).
Tired all the time and lack of energy.
Appetite change: often lose appetite and weight, or sometimes increases the appetite and gain weight.
Restlessness (bored can’t silence), restlessness or agitation: the inability to sit still or excessive worry
Later in the speech, thought or movement of the body.
Feelings of guilt or worthlessness, self-reproach over things that aren’t your responsibility, fixed over the previous failure.
Difficulty concentrating, focusing, make a decision and remember something.
Thoughts of death, suicidal thoughts and/or attempt or commit suicide.
Physical problems that can not be explained, such as a headache.

Please note that also allows people around you to pay attention to these symptoms of depression in yourself or your behavior. It is difficult to analyze behavior and your own feelings when you suffer from symptoms of depression. Depression diagnosis criteria for DSM-IV, see: diagnosing depression. If you feel depressed, don’t hesitate and contact me for an appointment.
Some types of depression, such as Bipolar disorder, have symptoms of depression are different. Don’t forget to read Interesting Facts about depression, please visit


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