Hormone Therapy As Acne Treatment

Hormone therapy is used to reverse the manufacture of abnormal male hormones in Females. This is essential for managing and treating acne for the reason that too many male hormones (androgen especially) frequently contributes to enlargement of oil-producing glands. In turn, such enlargements produce more sebum, which leads to acne breakouts.

There are many forms of hormone therapy. The most common are birth control pills or oral contraceptives. In general, such pills could help in mopping up free androgen that may circulate in the bloodstream. For acne handle, oral contraceptives block or inhibit male hormones that give a method to a circumstance that may be perfect for acne development.

Over the years the number of doctors that have been prescribing birth control pills as hormone therapy or as an off-label acne treatment has risen. Even the FDA has approved the use of some birth control pills as possible choices for acne medication. If you have failed with other options this may be something that your doctor will speak with you about.

What Makes Birth Control Pills Effective? Because birth control pills are made up of estrogen and progestin they alter the natural reproduction cycle and hormonal patterns in women. Most of these pills have estradiol and this is an estrogen booster. These pills are pretty much meant to lower the level of testosterone in the body and to improve hormone-caused acne breakouts. After the production of the male hormone is suppressed the production of oil in the sebaceous gland is also reduced greatly.

There’s little question that oral contraceptives are handy in eradicating acne troubles, especially in Women of all ages who suffer from the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some oral contraceptives have progesterone that Restricts or control androgen hormones in your body to decrease acne breakout action. With this regard, extreme hair expansion is additionally controlled.

Before taking a birth control pill or any other method of hormone therapy it is important that you speak with a doctor and get a prescription. You will be prescribed a certain brand that works to cure acne. You should be careful because not all contraceptives will work for acne treatment. You may find that some make matters worse.

Use And DirectionBirth control pills are usually taken daily at about the same time of day on a 28-day cycle. Some contraceptive packs have 28 pills. Only 21 of Individuals are actually ‘Energetic.’ The opposite seven are only ‘placebo’ or reminder products. Other contraceptive packs have just 21 capsules and no capsules are taken for your remaining seven days. You should be very familiar and knowledgeable about the sequence of taking the pills if you do not want to incur unlikely consequences.You also need to think about the fact that although birth control pills are meant to be a cure for acne you will not see results that happen overnight. The effects that you really want to see probably will not start to show up for about three months and sometimes it can take even longer. Another thing to remember is that acne breakouts can actually worsen before it gets better. This is why it is important that you be properly advised before you decide to use this method as an acne treatment.

Possible Side Effects Just because the use of oral contraceptives could be effective for acne treatment doesn’t mean that there are not possible side effects. You may experience such things as headaches, depression, higher blood pressure, tenders in your breasts, mood swing and more such as weight gain.

Birth control pills could be perfect as acne treatment for the long term, especially for women who also need to prevent unwanted pregnancy at the same time. Such products are excellent if a lady ordinarily activities acne breakouts throughout menstruation and ovulation.


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