Diamond Steel Knife Sharpener

If you got cooking as your hobby, then having a diamond knife sharpener is a must. Why? It is because when your knives get blunt, then what else except either diamond, ceramic or whetstones to sharpen it. According to Knife Sharpener Stone, As the name goes, a diamond steel sharpener features diamond’s rough surface to generate a fine edge of a blade and the rod of the sharpener is made up from a dense stainless steel.

While it depends on the length of the sharpener, a sharpener can feature around 2 million grains of diamond. With this fine grit, you can have a smooth and sharp edge of a blade. An additional coating with chromium would likely help the sharpener to have a higher resistance of wear. Now if you are interested in buying one, consider the options below.

Knife Sharpener

You can rely on Wiitek product. This diamond knife sharpener is one of the low-end sharpeners. It may sound cheap for you to even question its quality, but sweat not because as long as you follow the manual instruction well, then this sharpener will give you only the best results. Also, this sharpener features 12-inch length. With its oval design, this sharpener offers you efficiency in the process of sharpening.

Like the previous sharpener, the diamond knife sharpener Smith also sports the same oval design for the sake of efficiency. What different is the rod of this sharpener is coated by soft rubber for a comfortable and safe grip. In addition, there are oval holes throughout the sharpener stick will speed up the process of your sharpening. The plastic material at the tip of the rod, on the other hand, will provide you stability and safety. As the company of Smith is already in the industry for hundreds of years, it is safe to say that the quality of its products is unquestionable.

In addition, the DMT DSOF product may also become your choices. As one of the higher-end product of sharpeners, the sharpener sports monocrystalline diamond, in which it works more efficient than a stone is. It will surely show you the optimum edges of your blades. Also, the diamonds featured on the rod has a precise size, so it will provide you consistent sharpening. In addition, its ergonomic handle is safe for you to handle. Not only that, you can also use this sharpener either wet or dry. Don’t worry because either way, this diamond knife sharpener is constructed of durable material. RFA


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