7 Beach Tourism Destinations Friendly for Muslim Travelers in the world

7 Beach Tourism Destinations Friendly for Muslim Travelers

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A Muslim before deciding on a tourist destination usually has many considerations. Atmosphere, conditions, availability of halal food and places of worship.

To be able to take a vacation calmly and keep carrying out religious orders, Muslims also need to choose a Muslim-friendly destination. Especially if you want to go on vacation to the beach or the island, where sometimes the availability of clean water for ablution and halal food is difficult to obtain, now for Muslims here are some Muslim-friendly beach tourism destinations

1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar Island is located in Tanzania and is a suitable beach for Muslims. Besides providing the needs of Muslims, because 99 percent of the local population are Muslim. This island can also be the right place to lay down a tired body on the soft white sand.

2. Lombok, Indonesia

Close to Bali makes Lombok popular with local and foreign tourists. Lombok is quite calm and beautiful no less than Bali. If you are a Muslim who likes adventure, surfing, mountain climbing, sightseeing and even visiting the monkey forest, Lombok is the answer. The population of this island is also the largest Muslim majority in the world.

3. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is one of 99 islands around Malaysia. In addition to beautiful scenery, fine sandy beaches, and many overgrown palm trees, Langkawi also has a special attraction for Muslims, such as prayer facilities, Islamic history, and many halal foods.

4. Hawaiian Islands

It is not near the Arabian Peninsula and not on the Asian continent, but Hawaii is also quite Muslim friendly. The island which is still a part of the United States has a large number of Muslim population despite different backgrounds, cultures and races.

5. Kepulauan Seribu

Pulau Seribu is very beautiful, with various small islands around it. Pulau Seribu is located in North Jakarta, where Indonesia is famous for friendly Muslims.

6. Rhodes and Naxos, Greece

Rhodes and Naxos, who are in Greece, are relatively Muslim, because in Rhodes there is a Muslim library across the Sulaiman Mosque in the Old City. There are also several halal restaurants. In Naxos there is no less interesting than Muslim friendly, on this island there are many delicious and halal vegetables for Muslims.

7. Cocos Islands, Australia

The island, which is inhabited by approximately 600 residents, 80 percent of the population are Muslims. Cocos Island was discovered by Captain William Keeling so it’s a good destination for snorkeling and kite surfing. Cocos is able to make tourists comfortable and relax.

8. Martinique, France

Muslims who love adventure and luxury, the island of Martinique is able to fulfill your holiday desires. Soft sand and soft sound of the waves are two things that can calm. Even peace will be created easily on this island because there are Palestinian communities and mosques. [AK]

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